Church & Fries


06 Feb 12

Last night Sierra and Anna slept over because we “went out” last night which was just drinking and waiting for a club to open, because it didn’t open till midnight, but we left before then. So they stayed over and we stayed up till 2am talking. We slept in till 8.30 which is late here, they always get up at 5am. I walked Anna to the tro-tro stop, which is about a 10min walk. Then back home I found out that my parents were going to a wedding today, but we the SIT kids were meeting at the beach…I decided to go to the wedding instead, and Grace, who I live w/ went to the beach. I’ve been to the beach and I wanted to experience a “western” Ghanian wedding. So, I had coffee and bread for breakfast and we stopped at this gift shop so they could get a present, but me, and my sisters had to wait in the back (aged 10 and 8) for like 20min and it was SO hot. But we got to the wedding around 12ish, so the reception had already started, and I was hungry already. It was amazing though, it was held at a church and there were so many people there, and the band was playing music SO loud the preacher was preaching with his hands and yelling. Everything you could imagine of a black church. I was sitting on the side, with one butt check off and Nana was like leaning on me, so I was pretty uncomfortable, but didn’t say anything. But then the preacher began a small sermon and at that point I was getting really hungry, and it was hot, so getting impatient and snappy. And thinking, how is everyone smiling all the time, aren’t they hungry?! haha But I should’ve been thinking about how in the US we rush everything..but here they relish in the go(o)d times haha. So, finally it was over and I waited outside for my parents. It shouldn’t have been that hard to find me, the only white person…so we drove over to where the food/cake was. And the music was SOOOOOO loud, well maybe it wouldn’t have been for you. But I was hungry/had a headache, and it was hot, and I hadn’t drinken any water. And people were talking above the loud music. I was amazed that they could hear each other, and the elder people at the scene were completley fine, no one looked bothered by it..then finally we ate and I had to eat fast

b/c my mom had a mtg at 6pm…  On the way back there were 4 of us squished in the back..just not pleasant. But I amazingly fell asleep in the car..made it home. Then my mom started making dinner, but I was still getting over the mini stomach issue and was still super full, but she made fries and one scrambled egg for everyone. I could NOT pass that up haha.
So that was just Saturday. On Sunday Grace and I went to church with our host mother, who is involved with the ceremony each Sunday. We were again, the only white people in the church and we didn’t go up for communion, because were unsure what to do. So the pastor (?) called us out and we had to go in front of the church and take communion and he asked if we go to chuch and I lied saying sometimes…all in all it was good, but we had to leave early to meet people at campus to attend a funeral. The photos will explain it alot better. But it was amazing, and I want my funeral to be like that, dancing dancing celebrating!


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