Educational Tour Photos

 This is the sunset at our first hotel in Krobo, Kumasi. This area is known for beads and dipo, a custom where girls become women after ‘training.’

Drummer and dancers at a practice called Sankafo. A few men and women would become possessed.

A man playing the drums, in Krobo. These are people from the Volta Region, but reside in Krobo. They speak Ewe instead of Twi.


My legs on the Magic School Bus.


Big big tree (hard to tell here) with the stars.


Exploring during lunch break before the Botanical Gardens.


A tree that has been taken over by another plant that slowly deteriorates the inside of the tree. I’m standing inside the trunk shooting up.


The botanical gardens, inside a shack during a downpour.


Caught in the downpour on the way home, and waiting for it to subside.


Watching a dance performance.


Cloth that will eventually be woven into Kente cloth. If you can see between those two men there’s a small hump, which is a rock, and is holding the end of the cloth.


A young boy weaving Kente. Boys learn at a young age, around 7 years. Females have a different job in the Kente making process.


The cutest girl during a dance performance.


On the way home from the Ocean..thankfully we missed the rain.

We started on the tour in Krobo, for 3 nights-then drove to Volta region, stayed there for 3 nights, then went to Cape Coast for 3 nights. These photos are just from Krobo and the Volta region.
We are still on our educational tour and in Tamale now. We’ll be here for 7 days-then head back down to Accra-then on April 3, we will start our ISP’s. I’m staying in and near Tamale, so I’ll have to drive back up North. And from Accra to Kumasi it’s 6 hours, then another 7 hours from Kumasi to Tamale…crazy!
The previous photos were all from the village I stayed in Benim, about 2 hours North of Kumasi. We were there for 12 days.


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