Gumo and ISP

Friday, April 13, 2012

I don’t have photos to post right now, but here’s what’s been going on with not much elaboration; because of limited time….

I sleep outside, on the ground in a compound with a polygamous family; the husband is away traveling.
I bathe outside, twice a day. In the morning I have warm water, and it feels amazing!
I have been wearing the same skirt everyday (my black Isis skirt, for those who know what I’m talking about); and I will leave it with the family.
My stomach doesn’t want any more Ghanaian food; so I’ve been eating pb&j sandwiches, oats and pasta.
There was a dead mouse in my hut that made it super smelly
I saw a UFO (swear!)
I’m reading ‘Contact’ by Carl Sagan and ‘The Social Animal’
I get up around 5.30 every morning
A chicken got caught in my bug hut
Interviews are very difficult here
It’s one million degrees everyday, but the evenings and mornings are cool
There is someone from the PeaceCorps in the village-Joshua
I visited a farm yesterday, and saw how they plant yams and casavas.
I tasted the worst orange drink here; Africa Fun
I’ve had more marriage proposals than I can count on both hands
I can’t tell if I’m gaining or losing weight…
I haven’t looked in a mirror in more than a week
I also haven’t used a toilet in more than a week…

Anyways, I’ll try and get photos up soon!!


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