Photos from Gumo

18 April 2012

Here are some photos during my ISP time so far. I have become very close with my family in Gumo. They were so sweet and accommodating, even if they didn’t really understand why I was there…but I’m so glad I stayed in a village where everything is way more calm and everyone knows each other. This last week I will spend in the city with Sala, an SIT staff member, to do book research and hopefully write my ISP! Wish me luck!
Morgan, Annie and I on our way to Kumasi from Accra.
Annie and Morgan on the bus that was like riding 1st class  in an airplane!
I forget what these are called, but they are ddelicious! Tastes like peanuts, pepe ginger mixed together
“Zabla” or henna, on a little girl. The older women here, put it on their feet.
Casual cow…
Working at the Shea Butter mill.
The hut on the right is where I “live” with Auntie Azara. The hut on the left is the kitchen.
Shea Butter, in final stage.
Putting new roofing on-they do it about every 2-3 years.
I was so wigged out by this giant frog that my ‘brothers’ had tied to their bike…
Moses leading Annie and I to the farm…he’s carrying yam to plant.
Auntie Meri and Auntie Fati mixing Shea Butter. Everything is manual labor except for the grounding of the Shea nuts.
Asana, my friend in Gumo carrying firewood to the mill.
Most awkward photo-me with my Auntie
Can I please take you home with me? Rukaya, my sister-LOVE her!
Drying the wash in the sunset
Moshi, my sister, climbing a Baobab Tree to get the leaves for soup.
Auntie Azara, Auntie Meri and Auntie Fati, my “mothers”…cutting firewood
Zinabu, my little sister. Cutest smile ever!

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