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4 May 2012

I am really sorry to everyone that I haven’t put up photos, and will probably not put up anymore photos. For those who I don’t know-your friends and loved ones will come back from Ghana with amazing photos and stories to share. And for those who I know, I will of course share all the photos. It might take a couple days…but it will happen. However, something is going on with my memory card from the entire time of my ISP, so I will have to figure that out. My Dad said it’s fixable, even though when I put it into my camera it says “No Image.” Also, technology just got frustrating after I downloaded Ghanaian music from Kwame, from SIT, and weird folders would show up on my USB, but it still worked. And just a few days ago Annie downloaded the music onto her USB and when she went to look at her paper later that day, she couldn’t open the file. And in attempts to fix it, something happened-and everything got erased, all of her photos from Ghana and her ISP. But Aleah’s Ghanaian friend, Enoch, was able to fix it and she got it back today, photos and all. I felt SO bad. It didn’t really mess with mine, so I didn’t know how bad the virus was. And there’s no virus protection on Madeline’s laptop, so it’ll have to hold on until I’m back…
I’m finished with my paper today, all I needed to do was print and bind it. I got stressed out these last few days over my paper because a lot of people finished early and I felt like something was off with it…Last night I went over the whole document and made some small changes, which made me feel better. I also only have the photos that I put on the blog from ISP, to put in my paper-which kind of stinks.
I have SIX days left in Ghana. It doesn’t feel like it all, especially since I’ve been stressed about the paper-and a lot of us are planning on staying in a hostel on the beach for a night and spending all day Sat. on the beach. I also have these weird rashy-spots on my upper arms and chest. It doesn’t hurt, sting or itch. And they aren’t raised. I think it has to do with the Sun, and I’ll just have to get a cream back in the States. There’s always a magic cream!Then Sunday is when presentations start, and I am 4th in line!
From here on out life is going to be crazy!!
For those who are interested, here’s a rough outline of my summer:
May 11: US, 8.35pm
May 12: Dad Day
May 13: Mother’s Day
May 14: Scholarship is Due (but I need to get a hard copy of a reference letter from my prof. in Bham before this day. And I’m unsure if Alex will be able to come down and bring it…so might have to make a quick trip to the Ham before this day)
May 15: IREX photo contest deadline-hopefully see Claire
May 16-18: Bellingham
May 19-20: Dad’s Wedding
May 25-28: Sasquatch (and Alex’s brothers graduation on the 27th)
May 31: Mad’s 17th bday!
June 12-18: Trip with Mom
June 19: Summer Classes’s Start
June 27: My 21st!
SOSOSO crazy. I don’t know how all this happened. Plans just started piling on top of each other and before I knew it-my calander was full.
Last night was the most ridiculous thunderstorm ever! It was THHHHEEEEE loudest thunderstorm I have EVER heard in my life. Actually all of the loudest thunderstorm’s I’ve ever experienced have been here. But first the rain woke me up and there was constant flashes of lightening. Like 4 in a row, then a 20sec. break, then 4 flashes, etc. Real creepy. So, I wake up and Sierra’s not laying next to me, which at the time I didn’t think was weird…lol. But then the thunder was SO loud that I literally thought that the sky was ripping in half while at the same time 5 million whips were whipped at once, all right over my house. And this happened a couple more times. There was one that increased my heart rate so fast, that I was actually scared. Just the awesome power of Earth, and it’s capabilities. How is a sound that loud created in the SKY!? what?!
Anyways, I will see ALL of you SOSO soon! Can’t wait to eat cereal, yogurt, cheese, MEXICAN FOOD, salads, chips, bagels and much more.

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