Self Portraits



Week one of 2019. I was inspired by my friend, Laura, to take a self-portrait once a week for the year. Like any new photo project I was initially weary and excited. Maybe I will actually finish this photo project. Will I have the emotional energy to take a photo of myself every week? In order to hold myself accountable I asked a co-worker to partner with me. The plan is for us to send each other a message when we complete our self-portrait as a subtle reminder and to encourage positive feedback.

This photo was taken on Saturday eve around 5pm. I was exhausted. It was my first day  volunteering with Outdoors For All, a nonprofit that supports and encourages people who have disabilities to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. I signed up to be the vehicle chaperone for the Summit at Snoqualmie bus every Saturday until mid-Feb.

It was a long ass day. I awoke at 540 in order to meet the bus at Northgate at 620 where I didn’t really know what I was doing because I was the only OFA representative. I wrote down 31 names in my phone in order to keep track of attendance. We arrived at Summit West at 830 where the participants met their instructors and I was left to do whatever I wanted. I, conveniently, started my period and walked to Chevron and purchased the last few boxes of tampons and one banana. From there I booted up and went down a green run with swarms of tiny humans. I had some PTSD attributed with this lift since I almost didn’t make it off when I rode it with Stephen on my first day of skiing. I only did two runs, which was enough to retrain my muscle memory. Around 1130 I ate my lunch, “Magic Soup,” concocted by Stephen. I went into the lodge and overpaid for drip coffee and ran into Truc and Luc. I was drained already and hardly had energy to talk to Luc. For the last run I tagged along with them on a blue, where we skied the shoulder over to the green run. Truc encouraged us both with chilled gummy bears and positive words. It feels good to know I have many mentors in my life who support and encourage me to push myself! I was dead tired by the time we loaded everyone on and arrived at Northgate. I wanted to eat all of the calories and take a hot shower. But I’m sure I will enjoy my time this season with Bus #1 folks.



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