The sun came out in February, which is rare in Seattle. Instead of going outside, I wanted to curl up in the squishy yellow chair my mom gave me and knit. My friend gave me all of her yarn and some unfinished projects too. This…scarf…blanket…something warm and cozy is one of her projects I’m finishing.


Trying to get excited about socializing. Summit giving me cute looks & licks isn’t helping.


It snowed last night, unfortunately. The snow is pretty and all when it’s somewhere else and I can decide when to play with frozen water. Seattle is just NOT good with maintaining the roads when the temperature drops. We just don’t have the resources I guess. I had to get to work at 5:45am, which … More FIVE


I started my period last week and had anxiety over thinking I lost my tripod. I searched all over, texted people to see if I loaned it out, and looked over my calendar to try and remember when I last used it. I looked closer today and found it in my closet against the wall, … More FOUR


This was one of the first, “oh shoot, I need to take a self-portrait today,” shots, which I’m sure won’t be the last. Wearing glasses has proven difficult with artificial and natural lighting. It’s even more difficult when I can’t tell where the reflection is sitting on my lens. I was happy in this shot … More THREE