Mt Sunday Bivvy

  After only two days of work we had two days off. I took advantage of this to explore the Richmond Range, just an hour east of Blenheim. I followed road signs to Mt Sunday along the logging roads, twisting and turning along the gravel. The carpark was empty, which was a good sign since … More Mt Sunday Bivvy

Last Post

4 May 2012 I am really sorry to everyone that I haven’t put up photos, and will probably not put up anymore photos. For those who I don’t know-your friends and loved ones will come back from Ghana with amazing photos and stories to share. And for those who I know, I will of course … More Last Post


25 April 2012 Yesterday the power went out around 6pm and it is dreadfully hot in the room without the fan on. So I laid outside on the mat and stargazed. But before I fell asleep I brought it into the “hallway” (there is no main door, so it’s partway outdoors) where sisters Sala, Salma … More Tamale

Life so far…

23 April 2012 I made it safely to the city-I have no idea how. The morning I left Gumo there was a really bad motorcycle accident on the main road in front of the village. Motorcycles are very popular in Tamale, and very very few people wear helmets. Walking around the city you can see … More Life so far…

Photos from Gumo

18 April 2012 Here are some photos during my ISP time so far. I have become very close with my family in Gumo. They were so sweet and accommodating, even if they didn’t really understand why I was there…but I’m so glad I stayed in a village where everything is way more calm and everyone … More Photos from Gumo

Gumo and ISP

Friday, April 13, 2012 I don’t have photos to post right now, but here’s what’s been going on with not much elaboration; because of limited time…. I sleep outside, on the ground in a compound with a polygamous family; the husband is away traveling. I bathe outside, twice a day. In the morning I have … More Gumo and ISP