Thursday, February 2, 2012

The first week…

L to R: Annie, Liz, Emily, Jordan and Ethan
Right off the airplane, at our hotel for the next 3 nights.
Walking towards the African Sun.
Annie, Emily  and Ethan
We actually weren’t supposed to leave our hotel…oh well!
First meal at the hotel. YUM!
First rainstorm in Ghana, we were SO excited. It
was warm and perfect!
First coconut from the street.
Sierra, Kwame (red shirt) one of our leaders, Bri
Me, Emily, Liz and Annie
We had shared rooms at the hotel.
LADIES! Some of the girls of the group.
Beach!! It was sunnier then this looks…alot of people..
Accra at night.
We had to cross this craziness, it was Awesome!
Where our lectures are held at the University of Ghana
My room at the homestay
Drumming lesson! This was my drum, it
was pretty hard, but I have a new
respect for African drummers!
Nana, 8 years old, my host sister. Remind you
of anyonee? (Ms. Katie Picha..haha)
The boys of the family!

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