Riverside Campground

My apologies for not posting anything in a few weeks – I’ve been busy enjoying the beautiful summer weather of the Southern Hemisphere! After leaving Blenheim, the worst city in New Zealand, I headed northwest and camped at Riverside Camp near Motueka. After passing the camp twice, I turned onto the gravel with a small … More Riverside Campground

Ara Te Kereru

I’ve been at the Ara Te Kereru Orchard since 3 November. Nearly one month! I’d never planned on staying this long but the private bedroom and real food was enticing enough. The deal is five hours of work for accommodation and food, but here’s the best part – I have my own bedroom situated on … More Ara Te Kereru

Great Barrier Island

VIDEO/ This link will take you to Vimeo! This little island. Only about 800-1000 residents, 110 square miles and 62 miles north east of Auckland. It took FOUR hours to get there via ferry. This wasn’t just a quick Anacortes to Lopez trip, but worth every awful rolling wave and sleeping on hard plastic benches. … More Great Barrier Island

Jack The Van

I recently realized that I’ve shared several stories about wonderful Kiwis who’ve housed me, fed me and kept me company. But I haven’t introduced my true companion, ride and die, best of the best, Jack the Van. This red and white beast is named after the late Jack, Chris’s father, who passed away while I … More Jack The Van


The day I planned to stay at the Wicks I got a cash job in Rotorua. I gardened for a woman, Ingrid, who was slightly neurotic and, I think, romantically involved with her garden. The way she gently caressed the plants, the way she walked as if the leaves were applauding and she would swing … More Wicks

All Things Organic

I spent the first ten days of September in Tairua on the east coast of the Coromandel. A week prior to coming I spoke with Gina, owner of All Things Organic, about training on Thursday in preparation of the weekend. The shop, cozy and scented like tea tree oil and patchouli was empty. The woman … More All Things Organic